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The Heart of Infinite Change

by Natasha Agrama

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Rob O.
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Rob O. Natasha's rich voice sings to the listener's delight in traditional jazz fashion, surrounded by top name musicians, including her stepfather Stanley Clarke, George Duke and the Bruner brothers, one Stephen Bruner better known as Thundercat. Her interpretations are on mark. Goodbye Porkpie Hat never sounded better. All the ingredients of a timeless recording! Favorite track: Black Narcissus.
ginsing thumbnail
ginsing What an amazing talent! I am playing this regularly on The Lowedown 89.7fm. Impressive debut album.
Kim Bach Petersen
Kim Bach Petersen thumbnail
Kim Bach Petersen Natasha Agrama truly is cool on the outside and hot in the middle: The Heart of Infinite Change captures the true essence of jazz charmingly like a spring breeze, truely inspired and so inspiring!
Adam Gillström
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Adam Gillström An amazing record! Everyone involved should be so proud.
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All Matter 05:16
Lover Man 04:03


"I am the continuation of the karmic path to freedom paved by certain pop culture icons, Billie Holiday, Marylin Monroe, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nina Simone. I am here to hold their victories for the collective in the light as I stand strong as a female artist in this ever shifting world. I work to bring our footing further into freedom, equality, strength, honesty, and love. I’m here because of those women, and I want to be a doorway future generations can point to as one they reached elevated promised lands through. This is what I feel jazz music has been doing since the beginning; this is why I've made my home in jazz." - Natasha Agrama

Love. Pain. Solitude. Devotion. Surrender. Victory. The cycles of human growth and change create a pacing influx of emotions, soaring through the world's consciousness as a potent force of power. A place of infinite possibilities, we live amidst the presence of immense light running in tandem with that of darkness, as love is an unwavering and unabridged home that remains unscathed. This holds especially true when considering the volume of recorded music, that acts as a refuge for us all, with the beloved musicians who share their depth of life through lyric and song. A new respite is emerging in this world by the name of Natasha Agrama and she's become a standout in the Los Angeles music community over the last few years. The Heart of Infinite Change is her forthcoming debut full-length album, joining the west coast jazz imprint World Galaxy for its release across vinyl, cassette, CD, and digital platforms September 8, 2017. Features include legends both foundational and new, drawing together Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner, Stanley Clarke, George Duke, Tony Austin, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mitchell Long, Ruslan Sirota, Ronald Bruner Jr., Doug Webb, and the last recordings of the late and great Austin Peralta.

The Heart of Infinite Change is a representation of roads defining Natasha Agrama's artistic connection to the LA music world and beyond, diving into master compositions by Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Joe Henderson, and Bilal. As a nod to the jazz tradition, interpretation and revitalization are at the forefront of her debut. There is a deeply touching story weaving its way around The Heart of Infinite Change, with an unspeakably tender theme of long time friends and legendary artists' final collaborations gracing Natasha's path. Stanley Clarke and George Duke's last studio collaborations are present with Ellington's "In A Sentimental Mood," and Bilal's "All Matter." The story deepens as we come to realize Austin Peralta's last recordings are also found on The Heart of Infinite Change. This was Austin's only session with both Bruner brothers, capturing Joe Henderson's "Black Narcissus" and Natasha's updated version of Mingus' "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" by way of Joni Mitchell. These experiences shape the resounding reverence in Natasha's presentation, as this debut album has become a formidable historical document.

The recordings for The Heart of Infinite Change took place at various locations across Los Angeles, including Henson Recording Studios, Record 1 Studio, and Bell Sound Studios. Mixing was provided by engineering guru and multiple Grammy award winner Gerry Brown, known for working on decade defining albums by Prince, Wayne Shorter, Alicia Keys, Earth, Wind, & Fire, Marvin Gaye, and many more.

To feel the full range of emotions expressed on The Heart of Infinite Change one must go back to an important breakthrough in Natasha Agrama's life. This was a time before she was able to record with any of her heroes, and even before she fully realized the power of her unique aptitude for phrasing, emoting, and communication. Natasha, though a longtime love of jazz, began her career as a dedicated visual artist, deeply focused in studies through avant-garde performance art while working as a graphic designer, and was deeply troubled by an inability to express herself fully in her work. That's when she began secretly writing music, and sharing it in a performance context in her community. Soon she was given an opportunity to go to Paris to pursue a collaboration with an electronic artist, and that's when her path was changed forever. Natasha Agrama provides further insight into this era: "I came out of the singer closet in France, far away from my family; I kept it a secret from them, because I was intimidated by all the musical geniuses. One fateful night, I ended up at a jazz jam, and thought to myself, 'will I ever sing at a jam session?' Later that night, I was on stage swimming like a newborn fish! I felt home in a way that was at once terrifying, and yet so honest. I then found myself a jazz tutor / hash dealer, a real jazz man, a singer and sax player, who could only sing in english, not speak. We would listen to Ella and he would have me sing her solos, while he would pantomime the various dynamics and qualities in her voice that he wanted me to feel. He introduced me to Carmen McCrae, and many others that he was appalled I didn't know, like Mel Tormé. 'Tu no connais pas a MEL?!? He would invite me to come to his gigs and sit in with the band in old WWII swing halls. I got bit by the bug... Hard. I came back to LA and hit the ground running." Roads travelled through major life changes and an apex of propulsion in technique, this sense of unleashed freedom is felt in every shape, form, and tone on The Heart of Infinite Change. A passageway for both grounded paths and the dream world of creative ascension, Natasha Agrama continues to expand on the momentum this new found home created in her.

The presence of her stepfather Stanley Clarke was just as integral to her path as a singer and musician, passing the baton with constant mentorship over the years. To put it an aerial view, Stanley Clarke showed her a world that very few people her age are afforded. Now as a co-producer of this album, Stanley Clarke's immense levels of music knowledge are blended into Natasha's maiden voyage as a musician. "I am so extremely grateful for him [Stanley Clarke], and love him beyond these words could describe for the force of strength and solidity that he has been for me through this whole process and over the years. He has given me a piece of his world, and elevated me through giving me his time in making this album with me, and relentlessly sharing his knowledge with me. I have had a once in a lifetime gift, being in this position, and I believe it was our destiny on so many levels to come together this way to make this album." Every guest on the album adds their own unique touch, building environments that bring out the fullest scale of emotions from song to song, defying time and space to recreate the relationships held with Natasha Agrama over the years.

As one of Los Angeles's best kept secrets to many, Natasha Agrama is a unique and inspiring singer, songwriter, and live performer, blazing a trail with many of the entities in the ever growing West Coast Get Down. Her live shows were flavored for a time by Miles Mosley, who was her musical director while performing in residency at the now legendary Piano Bar. This was the arena where she catered to her audience, transforming her shows into quasi-heavy-jazz throw downs, complete with jumping off of amps and fully packed dance floors to match. Natasha has also explored the more classic traditions of jazz music with Kamasi Washington as her side man, blowing solos on lyrical ballads and expressing sounds from the beyond. She has also toured extensively with Stanley Clarke over the years, seeing the world through a unique lens. As a member in the choir featured on Kamasi Washington's critically acclaimed The Epic, Natasha's been working nonstop to present a side of LA jazz music that's culturally ignited and always on the pulse of the now. The Heart of Infinite Change is a commanding force of energy in that path and follows up the The Brave One EP, featuring Kamasi Washington, Miles Mosley, Thundercat, Austin Peralta, and many more.

The Heart of Infinite Change is a rumination on the deep purity of Natasha's vocal musicianship, communicating messages of personal freedom imbedded in the relief of finding a timeless home in the history of jazz artistry. A gift wrapped in the love, grace, and beauty of the themes and stories that brought this record together. The Heart of Infinite Change will coincide with the launch of Natasha Agrama's art merchandise line, offering people around the world unique books, hand-crafted clothing, t-shirts, music releases, and much more from a community of hand picked artists. Grab The Heart of Infinite Change September 8, 2017 on various formats and celebrate the fruition of a budding jazz great.


released September 8, 2017

Black Narcissus
Music by Joe Henderson
Rhodes and piano - Austin Peralta
Bass - Stephen (Thundercat) Bruner
Drums - Ronald Bruner Jr.
Recorded at Record 1 Studio by Alan Sides
Vocals recorded at Redecello Studios by Jorge Costa
Mixed by Gerry Brown

Goodbye Porkpie Hat
Music by Charles Mingus
Lyrics by Natasha Agrama and Joni Mitchell
Rhodes - Austin Peralta
Bass - Stephen (Thundercat) Bruner
Drums - Ronald Bruner
Recorded at Record 1 Studio by Alan Sides
Vocals recorded Jon Hakakian
Mixed by Gerry Brown

In a Sentimental Mood
Music by Duke Ellington
Lyrics by Manny Kurtz
Pianos and Rhodes - George Duke
Bass - Stanley Clarke
Drums - Vinnie Colaiuta
Guitar - Mitchell Long
Recorded at Jim Henson Studios by Alan Sides

All Matter
Music & lyrics Bilal
Pianos and Rhodes - George Duke
Bass - Stanley Clarke
Drums - Vinnie Colaiuta
Guitar - Mitchell Long
Recorded at Jim Henson Studios by Alan Sides
Vocals recorded by Jonathan Hakakian
Mixed by Gerry Brown

I Wonder What Became of Me
Music by Harold Arlen
Lyrics by Johnny Mercer
Piano - Ruslan Sirota
Bass - Hadrien Feraud
Drums - Tony Austin
Recorded at Bell Sound Studio by Thai Long Ly
Vocals recorded at Redecello Studios by Jorge Costa
Mixed by Gerry Brown

Lover Man
Music & Lyrics by Jimmy Davis, Rodger “Ram” Ramirez, James Sherman
Bass - Stanley Clarke
Recorded and mixed by Richard Mouser

The Ballad of The Sad Young Men
Music & lyrics by Fran Landesman
Bass - Stanley Clarke
Drums - Vinnie Colaiuta
Guitar - Mitchell Long
Saxophone - Doug Webb
Recorded at Jim Henson Studios by Alan Sides
Mixed by Gerry Brown


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